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Chronicles of the Pride Lands
Предисловие авторов

John H. Burkitt

John Burkitt

With stirred emotions I watched the pagentry and color that was The Lion King. Secretly I harbored the desire to meet these characters, to lavish upon them in person the great love I felt inside and share the joy that lit my countenance.

My wish was granted here in The Chronicles. I have lived for a moment in the company of great lives and experienced through my pen their triumphs and tragedies. Humbly, I submit this work, holding it up on the pinnacle of Pride Rock. Behold my son, for it truly is my son, and the end of the writing process is a form of saying farewell. Asante sana!

July 15, 1996, Nashville, Tennessee

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David Morris

Back in late 1994 when I first saw The Lion King, the effect it had upon me was astounding. Never before or since have I been so totally captivated by a story like this. The magic, the splendor, the wonder of it all swept me away.

Within this work, I was presented with the opportunity to give something back to it, to express with the written word my love for a story which has deeply affected me in so many ways. The paternal guidance of Mufasa, the wisdom of Rafiki, and the selfless friendship of Simba all have made a significant impact on my life, and so I set out to return a little of the magic, and maybe learn something about myself along the way.

And once again, I got more than I bargained for.

July 15, 1996, Wilmington, North Carolina

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David Morris

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